Our design team is in our headquarters, they are always in continuous evolution. They create new concepts and ideas, incorporating the new trends and they use the materials in an innovative and unique way. All brings to unify the brand in the label as a final product.


We begin in a graphic project (layout). Our team makes a design adjusting the materials our customer’s needs. We offer them the best options to achieve a unique and original final result that reflects the image of your product.

Later, following the process of production (link) and with the suitable machinery, we materialize the initial idea.

bodegon etiquetas


We keep the necessary rules of sustainability and to have the certification FSC. Our articles have been examined with success in agreement on OEKO-TEX®. In the same way, we can offer the certificate REACH, so the products that we supply have not polluting substances.

Besides, we make tests in renowned laboratories of this area, like: SGS, AITEX and INESCOP. We can prove that our products, processes, systems or services meet the national and international criteria and requirements.